BU's Commitments

BU's Commitments

We believe that BU, due to historic precedence, must manifest a free speech culture that consistently aligns with its stated commitments. According to BU’s “Statement on Free Speech and Expression:”

Freedom of speech and expression are central to the mission of Boston University. 



The University has a responsibility to allow and safeguard the airing of the full spectrum of opinions on its campuses and to create an environment where ideas can be freely expressed and challenged.

Boston University is committed to the academic freedom of its faculty as articulated in the Faculty Handbook and to preparing students to engage thoughtfully, openly, and effectively in disagreement and debate.

The University embraces the guiding principle that the remedy for speech that some may find hurtful, offensive, or even hateful is not suppression of speech, but more speech.


The University is committed to creating and maintaining a community that invites the full participation of all people and the expression of all viewpoints.

Read BU’s full “Statement on Free Speech and Expression”


Despite these commitments, more than half of BU students feel they have been censored or had their speech repressed during their tenure.

FIRE ranks Boston University as the 151st of 203 schools in their Free Speech Ranking.

Only 42% of students say they have rarely or never self-censored on campus.

"I am not very public about my political beliefs. I have been verbally accused of very hateful values, like being racist, because I often do not make my political views public."

– Class of 2023

Only 36% of students say they are not worried about damaging their reputation because someone misunderstands something they have said or done.

"Around half of the professors I've had at BU thus far have created environments where I feel like my opinion is wrong/not valued."

– Class of 2022

"Certain essays had to be tailored to expectations rather than genuine personal views."

– Class of 2023